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About our Vacuum lifters: Vacuum liftersManufacturers, Suppliers in Bahrain help you perform all your material handling tasks with a lot less effort and effort. Whether it's to lift, move and put down loads of varying sizes, or to create temporary work surfaces or storage solutions. Our high-quality products are designed and made in India from recycled materials Vacuum Lifters are devices that serve a vital role in industries like the automotive and aerospace industry. These are machines with a vacuum system that can be used to lift, move, and put down loads with the help of an external vacuum supply. They operate by creating a partial vacuum under the load and either lifting it or moving it through a large powered cylinder. This machine is like a jack-of-all-trades, it's lightweight, features a powerful vacuum motor, and has a modern design that makes it perfect for commercial use. Whether you are carrying loads around your warehouse or using it for work in your establishment, this machine will make your work easier.

Shree Krishna Industries Vacuum Lifters are capable of lifting, handling and moving loads with the help of vacuum. These are designed for effective, one-person operation in lifting as the vacuum pressure creates a powerful grip to lift and move loads easily with suction pads. Also, these vacuum lifter don’t scratch or mark the material surface or edge.

SHREE KRISHNA INDUSTRIES We are one of the developing and among best chosen companies for a variety of vacuum lifter Manufacturers, Suppliers in Bahrain in latest standard modular designs. Our industry established in year 1995 is continuously focused on providing legendary services to our clients.

We are offering quality services since, 25 years in various industries namely as Cone housing, Gear boxes housing, Feed roller, Sugar cane and others. Our trusted services are highly appreciable by our clients and made us gain their trust.

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What are the benefits with our company?
  • We create eco friendly products with proper treatment with preservation of resources for future also.
  • Our company deliver products with complete safety and long term purchase security.
  • The professional and working staff of our company provides continuous support to our clients for any related query.
  • Our company aims to provide the perfect customer services giving 100% satisfaction.
  • We supply best quality products at the cost-effective pricings.

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Our Vision Is To Be Partners In Eco-Friendly Development With Preservation And Treatments.

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Only SKI Lifters provides the long-term purchase security and support that the leader in the field of vacuum handling technology can offer.



“ Our Goal as a Company Is To Provide Customer Service that Is not just the Best but Legendary ”.

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All Of Our Products Are Cost Effective Yet Quality Products.

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Vacuum Lifters : BEST Vacuum Lifters are designed in a modular fashion. Standard components are selected to match your application. A lifter will match almost any application can be quickly built. BEST designs its lifters so that each pad lifts an equal load weight. We offer our customers in trade and industry path-breaking solutions. We have enthusiastic customers wherever production processes need to be made more efficient with the aid of vacuum technology.


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In quality assurance a constant effort is made to enhance the quality practices in the organization.


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