Load Vacuum Lifter Manufacturers and Suppliers in Bahrain

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What is a load vacuum lifter?

The Load Vacuum Lifter is a machine that can lift loads from the ground. It uses a vacuum system that sucks up dirt and debris and then uses it to power a generator.

It is a device that can be used in the process of industrial loading. It helps in lifting loads with a vacuum to reduce the weight and friction.

The Load Vacuum Lifter is designed to be used in areas where there is too much dirt and debris for traditional machinery to work on. This makes it perfect for construction sites, mining sites, or any other area where there are large amounts of dirt and debris.

Characteristics & its Features

Load vacuum lifters are designed with a hydraulic pump to create the suction force for lifting heavy loads. They are also equipped with a safety valve that prevents the machine from running out of air and overheating.

It is a device that transfers the weight of a load from the working surface to the lifting point at an angle. This helps in reducing the load on the lifting point and in turn, increases efficiency and safety.

The Load Vacuum Lifter has been installed in many industries such as manufacturing, construction, mining, warehousing, and more. There are many features of Load Vacuum Lifters manufacturers in Bahrain that make them an effective tool for lifting heavy loads such as:

  • Hydraulic pump creates a suction force
  • Safety valve prevents the machine from running out of air
  • Design allows easy replacement and serviceability

The AC-powered SKI 2500 vacuum lifter has a load capacity of up to 2500 kg and was specifically designed for demanding construction tasks. Materials such as natural stone, concrete and marble slabs, tubes, steps, etc. can easily be lifted and moved. The stone vacuum lifter can be attached to any lifting device with a load hook, cable or chain, and it still provides uncompromising safety. The suction plates can easily and quickly be replaced with a quick-change release depending on the task. The power generator can be attached directly to the device with the special mounting bracket. The SKI 2500 also has a vacuum manometer, a unidirectional valve and a safety vacuum storage tank.

Technical Data

Load capacity 2500 kg
Drive motor 230 V, electric motor
Vacuum pressure max. 0.6 bar
Weight 196 kg
Safety features Unidirectional valve, safety vacuum storage tank, vacuum manometer
Miscellaneous Quick-change lock
Options Various suction plates