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We are the leading Vacuum Lifter in Saudi Arabia, UK, Germany, UAE, Bahrain, Riyadh, Oman, Qatar, Ireland, Dubai & India. Our Vacuum Lifter have been providing quality products to the industry since 1997 and have a reputation for an innovative team that provides outstanding customer service with experience team professionals with the best quality products.

We vacuum lifter are known for its innovative ideas and quality standards and renowned for its quality products, innovative team, and customer-centric approach. We have trusted over 25 years of experience in manufacturing vacuum lifters for various industries like automotive, textile, chemical, food processing, pharmaceuticals, etc.

We “Shree Krishna Industries” have an experienced team who are dedicated to providing high-quality products with innovative ideas. Our quality vacuum lifters are available in different models, capacities, and designs.

We are demanding lifters with all the custom lifters we are providing to solve the productivity and increase the performance. Our modular design lifters and we are completed to match your application in lifters.

Our innovative design in vacuum lifters and latest technology give equal weight to lift the lifters also providing the solution to the industries in a better manner and work on productive design on lifters so that each pad lifts an equal load weight.

Our Standard components are selected to match your application. A lifter will match almost any application that can be quickly built.
We have enthusiastic customers wherever production processes need to be made more efficient with the aid of vacuum technology. In order to meet the specific requirements of the various sectors of industry,
We offer vacuum handling systems with the following branches: For Ferrous and Non-Ferrous and Similar rigid materials Handling of sheet metal Safe and Ergonomically – for many different Objects and Applications.

We are having widely trusted customers of our lifters products like Glass vacuum lifters , Air Vacuum generators , Plate Vacuum lifters, vacuum lifter, Slab Lifter, Vacuum Clamp, Vacuum tables, and much more are easy to use with authentic services.

Why did you choose our Vacuum Lifter in Saudi Arabia, UK, Germany, UAE, Bahrain, Riyadh, Oman, Qatar, Ireland, Dubai & India

We provide you with damaged free gripping and laser cut sheet metal, particularly those made from stainless steel; even with apertures and coated with oil. Latest Injury-free handling of heavy workpieces and gripping of parts made of non-magnetic steel and non-ferrous metals Our lifters also Reduced machine-loading times Energy-independent handling with the aid of existing overhead cranes

What is a vacuum lifter?

It is an innovative product that uses a vacuum to remove dust and debris from hard surfaces. It is a lightweight and portable device that can be used on any surface.
It is an industrial machine that has been designed to provide efficient lifting and transport of materials such as products, powders, granules, and pellets. It has been designed with the help of various technologies and the latest developments in the field of robotics.
The Vacuum Lifter has been designed with an air-tight seal around the lid to ensure that no dust or particles from outside are allowed to enter the machine. This will help in maintaining a clean working environment for workers inside the machine.


Vacuum lifters are used in industries such as food production, manufacturing, construction, mining, and more. They can lift heavy objects with ease and are a great asset to the industry.

Working of a vacuum lifter-

Vacuum lifters, also known as vacuum jacks, are used in industries such as construction, mining, and manufacturing. They are designed to lift heavy objects or materials that would otherwise be difficult to lift with human power alone.
Vacuum lifters work by creating a partial vacuum in the lifting chamber of the machine. This creates a suction force that pulls objects down into the chamber.
The weight of the object is divided by the surface area of the lifting chamber and then multiplied by a factor that is dependent on the height of what is being lifted. The result is how much force it takes to lift an object up into the air.

System Type Maximum Lifting Capacity
Horizontal Handling 150kg 300kg 500kg 750kg 1000kg 2200kg
Vacuum Lifter Type Suction Cup Nos. Work piece can be handled (mm) Suction Cup Dia. Type Voltage Wt. Approx.
150kg 2/4 1250*2500 250 Electric Single Phase 50kgs
300kg 4/6 1250*2500 250 Electric Single Phase 75kgs
500kg 6/8 1500*3000 250 Electric Single Phase 100kgs
750kg 6/8 1500*3000 250 Electric Single Phase 120kgs
1000kg 8/10 1500*4000 250 Electric Single Phase 200kgs
2200kg 10/16 2000*6000 250 Electric Single Phase 350kgs

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