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We at SHREE KRISHNA INDUSTRIES are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of CE Certified Vacuum Lifters in India, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Bahrain, UAE, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Germany, Ireland, UK, Canada, Australia, United States, Nigeria, Netherland, France. Our vacuum lifters manufacturers company designs these equipment’s using the variety of premium standard components to meet the wider application requirements of our clients.

We provide vacuum lifters suppliers having horizontal handling system having maximum lifting capacity up to 200kg. They work in the single-phase voltages and comprise of suction cup type of vacuum lifter maintenance so it can easily carry greater amount of load with higher strength.


CE Certified Vacuum Lifter is a kind of device which is used for transporting various products within the specific area like that of a manufacturing faculty or warehouse.

These ATEX Vacuum Lifters Manufacturers can be used in delicate applications like placing the eggs in egg cartons as well as for heavy duty loading works. The lifters use suction pumps for their working as these pumps create vacuum and the atmospheric pressure gets eliminated in the suction cup enclosure. They are capable of lifting, moving loads, loading and unloading loads etc.

The Vacuum Lifters Maintenance are specially designed to lift or move loads weighing up to five pounds with the help of vacuum . They can be used in warehouses, mines, workshops and many more places. They are durable and they have a long durability life. If you have to move things, there's a good chance you've used a vacuum lifter . Whether it's heavy or light, hard to reach or difficult to manoeuvre, with a Pneumatic vacuum lifter manufacturers you're able to lift and move loads with ease. Vacuum Lifters Manufacturers are the perfect solution for a variety of material handling tasks from lifting to moving and putting down again. Their powerful suction is able to lift up to thousand lbs.! With our various shapes, sizes, and speeds, we're able to provide a Pneumatic vacuum lifter for any project. About our Vacuum lifters: ATEX Certified Vacuum lifters manufacturers help you perform all your material handling tasks with a lot less effort and effort. Whether it's to lift, move and put down loads of varying sizes, or to create temporary work surfaces or storage solutions. Our high-quality products are designed and made in UAE from recycled materials are devices that serve a vital role in industries like the automotive and aerospace industry. These are machines with a Pneumatic vacuum lifting system that can be used to lift, move, and put down loads with the help of an external vacuum supply. They operate by creating a partial vacuum under the load and either lifting it or moving it through a large powered cylinder. This machine is like a jack-of-all-trades, it's lightweight, features a powerful vacuum motor, and has a modern design that makes it perfect for commercial use. Whether you are carrying loads around your warehouse or using it for work in your establishment, this machine will make your work easier.

For Ferrous and Non Ferrous and Similar Rigid Materials.
Handling of Sheet Metal

Safe and Ergonomically – for many different Objects and Applications. Damage-free gripping and movement of laser-cut sheet metal, particularly those made from stainless steel; even with apertures and coated with oil.

  • Injury-free handling of heavy and unwieldy work pieces by a single person.
  • Gripping of parts made of non-magnetic steel and non-ferrous metals.
  • Reduced machine-loading times.
  • Energy-independent handling with the aid of existing overhead cranes.
  • Handling types : horizontal.
  • Ideal for Sheet Metal Handling From Stack or Storage Systems.
  • Cut Out Parts in the Range of Zone Vacuum Lifters. Suction pads can be lifted.
  • Various possible dimensions metal sheets can be lifted.
System Type Maximum Lifting Capacity
Horizontal Handling 150kg 300kg 500kg 750kg 1000kg 2200kg
Vacuum Lifter Type Suction Cup Nos. Work piece can be handled (mm) Suction Cup Dia. Type Voltage Wt. Approx.
150kg 2/4 1250*2500 250 Electric Single Phase 50kgs
300kg 4/6 1250*2500 250 Electric Single Phase 75kgs
500kg 6/8 1500*3000 250 Electric Single Phase 100kgs
750kg 6/8 1500*3000 250 Electric Single Phase 120kgs
1000kg 8/10 1500*4000 250 Electric Single Phase 200kgs
2200kg 10/16 2000*6000 250 Electric Single Phase 350kgs