Electric Vacuum Glass Lifter Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, Pune

We at SHREE KRISHNA INDUSTRIES are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of CE Certified Electric Vacuum Glass Lifter in PUNE, INDIA. Our electric vacuum glass lifter manufacturers company develops a wide range of these specific lifters for different applications of a construction site or indoor uses, etc. The structure of these lifters shall be fixed and designed accordingly to that of a tilting or rotating systems.

We CE Certified electric vacuum glass lifter suppliers offer these easy handle products for an effortless lifting experience thus reducing the strain of handling manually with our premium standard lifters.


Electric Vacuum Glass Lifter is a kind of equipment designed for moving and lifting long glass sheets easily. These lifters are featured with durable and sturdy structures. They can be considered as ideal equipment for use in large or huge construction sites.

It provides complete safety seeking feature to the users. They have the capability to easily handle long sheets of glass. These lifters have the attached control box on handle for releasing, tilting and attaching the materials. It can carry the weight of loading materials up to 500kg.