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Billet Lifter

Billet Lifter

Billet Lifter

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We at SHREE KRISHNA INDUSTRIES are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of CE Certified Billet Lifter in PUNE, INDIA. Our billet lifter manufacturers specifically design these lifters which can easily rotate and lift the thick, round or steel billets. They also help in increasing the overall productivity cycle and further reduces the chances of operator injuries.

We CE Certified billet lifter suppliers provide each of them which are uniquely designated for their separate uses or applications that is decided on the basis of their weight and shapes. They are available at the most competitive prices and you can easily get them with the number of benefits.

What Is Billet Lifter? What Are Its Specialities With Us?

BILLET LIFTER is a kind of gravity hoisting device that uses the gravity for opening and closing of the clamps. It can easily be used for transporting and hanging of slabs of single marble plates and granite from billet saw.

Key Features
  • Compact And Simple Structure
  • Lighter In Weight
  • Easy Operation
  • Greater Reliability
  • Labour Saving
  • Highly Durable
Details Size
Grip range 10-65 mm
Working Load Limit 200 Kg
Net weight 20 Kg
Gross weight 25 Kg