Air Vacuum Generator Manufacturers and Suppliers in India from Pune

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We at SHREE KRISHNA INDUSTRIES are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Air Vacuum Generator in PUNE, INDIA. Our air vacuum generator manufacturer provides these equipment’s with a number of advantages such as no heat generation and immediate on and off facility on vacuum without any moving part. The generator also did not produce any kind of vibration.

We CE Certified air vacuum generator supplier offer these energy efficient products as they only consume the required amount of energy. You can also choose them when high suction capacities are needed by our clients.


CE Certified Air Vacuum Generator manufacturers & Suppliers in India, Pune provides the proper vacuum level which is required for handling different tasks. These generators can easily create the vacuum either pneumatically by using the compressed air or electrically with the use of displacement pump.

It can quickly generate and build the vacuum within short cycle times. These can simple be integrated into the systems directly because of their light weight and compact design.

These generator works when the compressed air is passed through an orifice which further increases its velocity and lowers or decreases the pressure of air. This air is then drawn in the channels of generator thus creating the suction and vacuum. They are used in different applications like pick and place robots in all industries, food packaging, automotive industries, etc.