Leading Stone Vacuum Lifter Manufacturers and Suppliers in Pune, India

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We at SHREE KRISHNA INDUSTRIES are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Stone Vacuum Lifter in PUNE, INDIA. Our stone vacuum lifter manufacturer company provides premium quality engineered equipment that is capable of lifting both horizontal as wells as vertical stone units.

Our CE Certified stone vacuum lifter suppliers offer them advanced features like a start-stop vacuum system for handover and lifting stone slabs, concrete, steel sections, and steel plates. You can get this array of solid stone lifters for rough as well as smooth stone lifting purposes for your specific requirement and needs.


CE Certified STONE VACUUM LIFTERS consists of devices that are used for material handling and are capable of moving and lifting stones with the help of a compatible vacuum device. These lifters are used in both small-scale and large-scale industries for processes involving stone cutting and polishing. They are powered through compressed air with varying lifting capacities. These lifters also have unique safety features for preventing excessive or increased hydraulic pressure and the excess hydraulic flow of fluid.