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We at SHREE KRISHNA INDUSTRIES are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Vacuum tables in PUNE, INDIA. Our vacuum table manufacturers provide these products with a premium quality raw material of low-density fireboard or LDF for most applications.

We CE Certified vacuum table suppliers also offer an array of vacuum tables made of medium-density fibreboard or MDF for some applications as per our client's requirement. We supply up to 1/16 size of diameter holes and also standard ½ size of these holes that is suitable and works properly for most of the purposes.


CE Certified VACUUM TABLE is a system designed for holding the workpieces at the time of machining. This table or device consists of the perforated table top which contains the vacuum chamber and vacuum pump for keeping this chamber below enough ambient pressure.

This table works by adjusting the atmospheric pressure for providing the force on workpiece that acts against the surface. They have a spoil board that is solid in nature and it did not compress when the pump is turned or kept on. This spoil board also needs to have enough porous property to allow the good airflow of vacuum.

Working Principle

A vacuum matrix is a jig that allows the user to vacuum clamp panels of various sizes. The key component to this jig is the ball valve. These valves are cylinders with a small spring-loaded ball bearing which seals the valve until a project is placed on the jig. The amount of ball valves that are used depends on the variety of projects that you anticipate using with your jig. When the ball is pressed down by the project panel, vacuum is allowed to flow from under the vacuum matrix and onto the project panel. Vacuum tape is used to define the area of the vacuum and is typically arranged on the jig in multiple sections.